CallonDoc In the News

CallonDoc In the News

CallonDoc Launches Donation Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

All donations will be matched by CallonDoc with 100% of proceeds contributed to NBCF.

CallonDoc, one of the highest-rated telemedicine companies in the country, has partnered with National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., recognized as one of the leading breast cancer organizations in the world, to raise funds for breast cancer support during the month of October.

National Breast Cancer Foundation is a recipient of Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for 15 years. NBCF provides support through their National Mammography Program, Patient Navigation, breast health education, and patient support programs.

“NBCF is excited to partner with CallonDoc for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to bring awareness and raise funds for those battling breast cancer,” said Director of Strategic Partnerships for NBCF, Brooke Adams. “The funds raised from this campaign will help women and their families with the current breast cancer screening crisis.” More


CallonDoc Trucker

CallonDoc Revolutionizing Healthcare Access for Traveling Workers

CallonDoc, one of the highest rated telemedicine companies in the country, has partnered with Trucker Path, an app connecting the largest community of truckers to improve life on the road, to make healthcare easier and more convenient for drivers.

Its difficult for drivers to maintain prescriptions and doctors visits,” said National Accounts Manager, Kelly Drier. We want to help make the drivers time on the road as comfortable as possible and its convenient to use the service in the app.”

As of July 2021, CallonDoc is available on the Trucker Path app for convenient one-touch-of-the-button online doctor access. This partnership allows drivers the ability to quickly submit their healthcare requests to the CallonDoc doctors and get their needed prescription or Rx refills from any pharmacy on route. More


Balancing Tech & Patient Care in Telehealth

Balancing Tech & Patient Care In Telehealth: A Case Study With CallOnDoc

"Telehealth took on a whole new importance in 2020, with the pandemic making virtual doctor visits an excellent alternative to spending time in a crowded clinic waiting room. 

However, there’s a lot more to telehealth than screenings for Covid-19 and diagnosing simple issues like ear infections. 

As the demand for telehealth services grows, certain providers are taking the lead with innovative service and more extensive service offerings. But to really succeed, telehealth providers have to go even further—balancing the convenience of their technology with exceptional patient care."  More


Telemedicine Service Offering Free Healthcare During COVID

Telemedicine Service Offering Free Healthcare During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Callondoc is waiving its fee (usually $39.99) to provide free medical consultations to Americans stuck at home, even for medical needs unrelated to the coronavirus.

Through the service, you fill out an online medical questionnaire about your symptoms or health needs and within two hours Callondoc’s medical team reviews your submission and can send prescriptions to the pharmacy for you.

The service may be especially helpful for those who need to refill a prescription while stay-at-home orders are in effect and don’t have a regular doctor. More


CallonDoc's Very Own Dr Hatty Oshun Talks Telemedicine

CallonDoc's Very Own Dr Hatty Oshun Talks Telemedicine with Brad Perry on AZTV The Daily Mix

Appointments and waiting rooms are so yesterday. Get better faster with a treatment plan and prescription medication now. More


Jill Malandrino Talks Telemedicine & COVID-19 with CallonDoc

Jill Malandrino Talks Telemedicine & COVID-19 with CallonDoc's Director of Marketing, Shawn Targosz

Jill Malandrino was joined by Shawn Targosz, Director of Marketing & Business Development at, to discuss telehealth solutions. More


CallonDoc Leads the Telemedicine Industry During COVID-19

CallonDoc Leads the Telemedicine Industry During COVID-19 by Suspending Consultation Fees, a premier resource for online telemedicine services, has announced that it will be suspending its basic $39.99 primary care consultation fee as of Friday for any home-quarantined patients seeking telemedicine services including prescription refills for a medical need unrelated to the coronavirus.

The move coincides with expanding city, state, and federal government efforts to prevent the spread of the disease by encouraging those with suspected or confirmed cases to remain in self-quarantine until they have safely recovered and passed the point of risking transmission to others.

“At CallonDoc, we understand the mounting fear which is leaving so many people stranded in their homes, but we also know standard medical prescriptions for something minor or something more serious, apart from COVID-19, still need to be filled,” said TJ Oshun, COO. “For that reason, we believe it was imperative for us to step forward to offer a more convenient, cost-effective diagnosis and delivery solution to anyone currently restricted by quarantine.” More