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How It Works

How It Works
Medication Refill Information

Offering Prescription Refills and Quick Refills

Prescription Refills

We strive to make ordering medication refills as easy as possible for you. For patients tired of waiting on hold with their clinic or pharmacy, our online prescription refill service and virtual doctor visits can be a huge relief. We are held to the same standards of safety and quality as other pharmacies, and our doctors can answer questions about your medication.

Like any other doctor’s office, we can only provide you with refills for medications you are currently taking. To qualify for refills, the prescription in question must have been last filled by your pharmacy within the last 12 months. If your medication does not qualify for a refill, don’t panic—you can get a new prescription today by visiting with one of our online doctors.

If you are looking for an antibiotic or antifungal medication, you will need a new prescription even if you’ve taken it before.

We can send your prescription to a local pharmacy or online pharmacy for home delivery

Quick Refill

At CallonDoc our goal is to make sure you and your family have easier and convenient access to healthcare. 

With quick refill, refilling your prescriptions is convenient, fast, and easy to ensure that you never run out of important medications.

Available Refills

30-day, 90-day and 6-month Rx supplies

To qualify for quick Rx refill

  • Must be an established Callondoc patient
  • Must be medication(s) we have prescribed to you in the past
  • We do not prescribe controlled substances

We do NOT refill antibiotics. If you have a condition that requires antibiotics, return to the consultation page, and select an applicable condition.

If you don't meet these criteria, click the back button and select prescription refill for more options

Prescription Refill
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